Park Crossing Women's Club (PCWC)
The PCWC offers a wide variety of clubs for everyone to participate in, as well as many events running throughout the year. 

Membership in our many clubs is initiated each September at our kickoff Social, but you can join throughout the year (membership permitting) by contacting the club chair. Club members need to be members of the PCWC and submit their annual dues of $25 ($30 after October 1st) to Jenny Higbee, our treasurer.  If you were unable to attend the Women's Club kickoff and have not paid your dues, they must be paid before attending the events or club meetings.

If you are not a member of a club, please feel free to attend one meeting as a non-PCWC member so you can see what it's about! 

Women's Club

Sunday with Santa, chairperson needed

Christmas Hayride, Katie Burgess & Katie Ferguson

Wine Tasting, Emily Druhan, emilydruhan@gmail.com

Garage Sale
, Karen Cleary, clearync@gmail.com

Fourth of July Fire Truck Parade, Carolyn Haake,

Fridays in the Drive, chairperson needed.

Pinterest Club (Formerly, Back Porch Club)

Playgroups Details in newsletter.

Tapas,chairperson needed.

Bunco, Alicia Smith, charlottesmithfamily@gmail.com

Book Club, chairperson needed.

LRC (Left Right Center), chairperson needed.

MWOTH (Mothers Working Outside the Home), Sharon Holland, sharon.holland@bankofamerica.com

Tapas and Desserts:  
This popular club meets at a home in Park Crossing to share our love of food and new culinary tastes. Each couple contributes tapas (bite sized portions) or desserts of their choice. In addition, the club will collect $20 per couple to cover the costs of wine and beverages the host provides. Our events are on Saturday nights in February and April. If you would like more information, please contact PCWC. Please notify the Women's Club at parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you would like to chair this event!
(Formerly, Back Porch Club) Chairperson needed.  This club meets every other month to do a Pinterest inspired craft for the upcoming season. The club will meet on
the first Tuesday of the specified month at 7:15p.m. It will begin October 1st with a Halloween/Fall craft-type
activity! Please notify the Women's Club at parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you would like to chair this event!
Bunco:  Alicia Smith
Come enjoy socializing with other Park Crossing women and play this easy dice game.  Don't know how to play?  We'll teach you.  You can join as a member or as a sub.  As a team member you are responsible for getting a sub if you miss a night. We meet the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. year round. . Please contact Alicia Smith charlottesmithfamily@gmail.com.

Book Club:  
This group typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month at a member’s home to discuss the book of the
month. Please contact parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you are interested in chairing this club.

Mom's Working Outside the Home:  Sharon Holland

Feeling guilty about sending your child to daycare so you can continue with your pre-baby career? Wondering how you are going to make that 8:30 a.m. meeting when your child spits up on your suit right before you walk out the door? If you have asked yourself these questions, or if your life is just generally hectic and crazy and you feel like you may be losing your mind, join our Mom's Working Outside the Home Club. We meet for dinner, drinks, and other fun outings, one Thursday each
month. If you are interested in joining this club or you would like more information, please contact Sharon Holland at


Fridays in the Drive:  
This is a social outlet for moms, dads and kids. One Friday of each month someone generously opens up their driveway as a place for neighbors and friends to congregate and celebrate the end of another week! The host provides drinks and snacks and everyone else supplies the fun! Please notify the Women's Club at
parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you would like to chair this event!

0-2 year olds:
This club will meet once a week at a member's house (in the morning). Other outings are possible...Discovery Place Kids, Farmers Market Trips, Greenway Walks, etc.
Date and time to be determined. Please notify the Women's Club at parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you would like to chair this event!

This group meets weekly on an afternoon. This club will meet once a week at a member's house. Other outings are possible...playground/park playdate, TCBY,
Monkey Joes, Greenway Walks, etc.
Please notify the Women's Club at parkcrossingwomensclub@gmail.com if you would like to chair this event!

Support Suppers:  Kristin Bordeaux
Returning home from the hospital as a new parent is exciting yet sometimes overwhelming for many families in Park Crossing. We want to help make it easier by providing food for the family, but we need your help! We’re looking for volunteers to add to the rotation of providing food for families when they return home. If you are willing to cook (or even bring take-out) please contact Kristin Bordeaux (Kristin.Bordeaux@gmail.com) and your name will be added to the list. 

Chick Flicks:  Memory Ayers
Do you ever feel like you miss all the good girlie movies because you don't have anyone to go with? Join Chicks for Flicks and grab a drink, and watch a movie with fabulous Park Crossing Women! This group meets, usually at Cinebarre at the Arboretum, to grab a bite/drink and watch a movie. Please Memory Ayers at memoryayers@outlook.com.

There are no Women's Club events scheduled at this time.
Lori Epting & Colleen O'Laughlin, Co-Presidents
Jenny Higbee, Treasurer
Sharon Holland - Mom's working Outside the Home Club
Karen Cleary - Multi-Age Playgroup
Kristin Bordeaux, Support Suppers
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