Park Crossing Owners Association  (PCOA)
Board of Directors Mission Statement
Our mission is to preserve homeowner property value, foster a positive relationship with fellow homeowners, and communicate with the community at-large regarding issues impacting the Park Crossing Owners Association (PCOA). We are committed to and bound to this mission as dictated in the Park Crossing Declarations and Bylaws. Our scope of responsibilities include the following:
Manage the daily and cyclic operations of the PCOA
Prepare and maintain the budget
Communicate with homeowners
Maintain and enhance the common areas
Promote safety within our community
Uniformly enforce the rules outlined in the Articles of Incorporation, copy on the home page.
Represent our community regarding external issues impacting our neighborhood
Who is on the PCOA Board of Directors?
We are a self-managed association. Decisions for the association are made by our Board, which is elected by the PCOA membership each November. Board members act on behalf of homeowners to address issues of importance to our community.
How does the Board communicate with the membership?
Newsletters are produced as needed and sent to all PCOA members.
Email updates are sent to homeowners on the email distribution list. Click here to enroll on the PCOA email distribution list.
PCOA web site,, is updated regularly
An annual PCOA membership meeting is held each November

When does the Board meet?
Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Sunday in January, March, May, July, September and November.  

Board meetings are open for observation to PCOA members. If you would like to be on the agenda, please contact the PCOA office at 704-542-2118 or by e-mail at in advance.

How do I get on the PCOA Board?
Please contact the PCOA office if you are interested in serving on the PCOA Board. We encourage all homeowners to serve on the Board. Given that our community is self-managed, we cannot continue to improve our community without the involvement on everyone!

Do you need a roofer, electrician, plumber, etc.? 
Check the home page for a list of vendors that other homeowners have used.  This list is not endorsed or recommended by the PCOA Board.  Please check all references.
     NC Legislation:  House Bill 278, effective 7/1/13, provides for voluntary mediation of disputes between an owner and the HOA in order to avoid litigation. House Bill 331, beginning with foreclosures filed after 10/1/13, a trustee will now be appointed by the HOA to conduct the foreclosure.  The HOA foreclosure process will be essentially the same as mortgage foreclosures. The bill also contains many other provisions related to the collection of HOA assessments and the procedures that must be followed when giving notices to owners regarding the filing of claims of lien and foreclosures.
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